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Our Story

Meet Aymen Jbira, the founder and tour director of Dream Tunisia. With a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics (2001) under his belt, Aymen is a proud Tunisian who is passionate about his cultural heritage and homeland. He has chosen a career in tourism to share his love of travel and history with others. He has completed an extensive 2-year curriculum and certification by the Tunisian National Board of Tourism (2008), and holds numerous diplomas from accredited organizations such as The Bourguiba Institute of Modern Languages (2006), America-Mideast Educational & Training Services (2011), the University of Cambridge Language Assessment (2015), Ministry of National Education and Research (2016). He is committed to continuously learning and improving his skillset to provide exceptional experiences for his clients.  

Aymen is fluent in English, French, Arabic and Japanese. He resides with his wife and two beautiful children in the capital Tunis. Fun facts - he loves soccer, cats and pistachio ice cream. 

Dream Tunisia was founded to provide visitors with the best travel services. Aymen has always been passionate about making people happy, and what better way than to help them create new happy experiences?! The company has established industry connections and can offer unique travel accommodations that you just can’t find anywhere else. We’re here to make your journey as seamless and relaxing as possible.

Aymen Jbira, 
Founder & Tour Director
“We travel not to escape life,
but for life not to escape us”

— Robyn Yong
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