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 All of Tunisia Revealed - 13 Days

Starts at € 2,100 per person
Unravel the mysteries of Tunisia in 13 days with our complete tour from ancient ruins, stunning landscapes, Medinas, holy cities, to charming coastal towns and more
  • UNESCO World Heritage archaelogical sites of Carthage, Thugga, Thuburbo Majus and El Jem amphitheater 

  • Explore the enchanting alleyways of Tunis Medina

  • Admire the Islamic architecture of ancient Kairouan, Sousse and Monastir

  • Sleep under the stars in a Bedouin-style Sahara campsite

  • Chebika and Tamerza Oases by 4x4 safari vehicle

  • Star Wars movie locations

  • Three-course lunch in the open air museum of Eden Palm

  • Discover the unique charm of Matmata, Chenini, and Tatouine villages

  • Stay in an authentic Berber cave hotel

  • Wander the picturesque streets of Sidi Bou Said

  • Enjoy the art scene of Djerba and the exotic Flamingo Island

  • Tour around the coastal towns of Hammamet and Nabeul

  • Visit the sandstone caves of Haouaria

From: Tunis
Offered in: EN - ES - FR - DE - IT - JA
Itinerary can be customised upon request
All tours are private
Tour Details

Day 1

Tunis - Thugga - Kairouan

We'll pick you up from Tunis and drive you to Thugga/Dougga which is considered the best preserved example of an African -Roman town in North Africa. As such, it is an exceptional illustration of what daily life was like in Antiquity. You'll enjoy lunch in Thugga before heading to the city of Kairouan, founded in 670 AD during the Arab conquest of Africa. In the 9th century it became one of the largest metropolises in the Mediterranean and is currently the fourth holiest city of Islam. You'll visit the Aghlabid Basins and the colorful Medina, where you can explore local workshops and taste the famous pastry. Check-in at your hotel for dinner and an overnight stay in Kairouan.

Day 2

Kairouan - Tozeur

After breakfast, you'll see the best examples of Islamic architecture - the Great Mosque and the Mosque of the Barber before departing to the Southern town of Tozeur. There'll be a few stops to stretch your legs and have lunch along the way. Arrival and check-in at your hotel to rest. Experience the magic of Tozeur with a Tunisian dinner show in a natural setting surrounded by greenery and traditional decor (subject to availability and minimum number of guests). Alternatively, enjoy dinner at your resort, followed by a visit to a Sound and Light show that represents the most famous stories of the Orient. The venue is an extravagant reproduction of an old palace, complete with collections of pottery, jewelry, costumes, and other antiques, as well as an art gallery. Overnight stay in Tozeur.

Day 3

Tamerza - Chebika - Star Wars Movie Sets - Eden Palm Oasis

After breakfast, you'll depart to hard-to-reach locations in a comfortable 4x4 vehicle for a day excursion to explore Mides Canyon, Tamerza and Chebika oases. The beautiful canyon is immediately recognizable as the background for the pod race in Star Wars. Tamerza is the largest mountain oasis in Tunisia, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim under the waterfall if you wish. Chebika is an oasis that was once a Roman outpost, but later became a mountain refuge for the Berber people. Upon arriving in Chebika, a local guide can take you on a 40-minute walk to a waterfall. Take time to marvel at the river flowing from the rocks and naturally watering the palm tree grove. After a climb up the mountain, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view overlooking the oasis. Your excursion will continue to Star Wars filming locations deep in the dunes, including Ong Jemel, named after a large rock shaped like a camel and also featured in the English Patient movie. At the end, we'll drive back to Tozeur to enjoy late lunch served at the lush and extraordinary Eden Palm oasis, followed by a carriage ride and dates tasting. Overnight stay at Tozeur.

Day 4

Tozeur - Chott El Jerid - Douz - Sahara Camp

You'll enjoy breakfast at your resort and depart to Douz through the Chott El Jerid salt desert - the largest salt flats in Sahara. There'll be a stop for a photo. Upon arrival at Douz you'll have lunch and the option for a camel ride. We'll leave by 4x4 vehicle through the captivating desert dunes towards you camp. You'll have plenty of time to admire the stunning scenery of Sahara in the afternoon and rest. Enjoy freshly prepared dinner and contemplate at the stars by the campfire.

Day 5

Douz - Matmata - Tamezret

Witness the sunrise over the golden dunes and have local breakfast at your camp. Savor the final moments at the desert before returning to Douz. Get ready for another exciting day with a visit to the Berber village of Matmata, where you'll enjoy lunch with locals. You'll visit traditional underground "troglodyte" structures where some of the local residents still live in. The structures typical for the village are created by digging a large pit in the ground. Around the perimeter of this pit artificial caves are then dug to be used as rooms, with some homes comprising multiple pits, connected by trench-like passageways. We'll make a stop at Sidi Driss hotel, most famous for being the original film set of Luke Skywalker's Tatooine home from the Star Wars trilogy. We'll continue to Tamezret for a panoramic view where you can enjoy an authentic almond Berber tea. Dinner and comfortable overnight stay in Tamezret. 

Day 6

Toujane - Ksar Hadada - Ksar Debbab - Chenini - Ksar Outled Soltane - Douiret

The day will start with a stop at Toujane, divided into two parts by a valley and most notably remembered for its World War II importance. Photo stop at the village of Ksar Hadada, well known as being a filming location for Star Wars. You'll be able to see the cave dwellings of the native Berber population, designed for coolness and protection. We'll stop at Ksar Outled Debbab, a traditional fortified granary that sits on a low hill. It was occupied until several years ago, and most of the buildings are still in good condition. We'll continue to the berber village of Chenini where you'll see the Ksar Citadel perched on a hill at about 500 meters above sea level. It was used for food storage and valuable goods, also served as a refuge site in case of an attack. Next, you'll visit Ksar Outled Soltane, a historic hilltop site with two courtyards of impressive granary cellars. This evening you'll experience the ultimate local lifestyle with an authentic stay at a cave residence in Douiret. You'll be able to immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of the region and indulge in a unique and unforgettable evening.

Day 7


After breakfast, we'll drive to the beautiful island of Djerba, also known to be the home of the most ancient synagogue El Ghriba that is 26 centuries old, the oldest in Tunisia and possibly all of Africa. You'll visit Guellala famous for its pottery workshops. You'll go for a walk through the romantic Djerbahood - a small jewish district full of flowers and over 250 extremely beautiful and intricate murals painted by artists from all over the world. At the end we'll bring you to Houmt Souk - the Arabic district for some shopping or tea. Check-in at your hotel for dinner and overnight stay in Djerba.

Day 8

Djerba - Flamingo Island

You'll discover the magical side of Djerba - the exotic Flamingo Island by a pirate boat. It is a natural patch of earth in the Mediterranean Sea where the beach is very flat. You'll be able to swim in the shallow water with all shades of blue along the coastline. For lunch, you'll enjoy delicious Tunisian dishes served in the palm-fringed hut and accompanied by traditional instruments. Beware, the migratory flamingo birds only make a stop on Djerba in the winter months - between October and February. The boat tour lasts 6 hours and at the end we'll bring you to your hotel for dinner and your final evening in Djerba.

Day 9

Djerba - El Jem - Sousse

After breakfast, we'll drive to El Jem amphitheatre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Tunisia’s most visited venues. This monumental amphitheatre, built in 238 AD, is the largest Roman monument left in Africa and used a set for the movie Gladiator. You'll step back in time and explore the fascinating history before lunch at a local cafe. Afterwards, you'll visit the Ribat of Sousse, a military fortress from the Early Medieval Ages to uncover the hidden secrets of an ancient wonder. We'll go for a leisurely walk through the Medina, where you'll be captivated by the lively atmosphere and rich traditions of this charming city. You'll visit the Archaeological museum in a wonderful setting of a kasbah above the Medina where you can enjoy the beautiful view. You'll indulge in its cultural heritage and admire the pleasant garden. Check-in at your hotel for dinner and overnight stay in Sousse.

Day 10

Monastir - Hammamet

The day will start with a visit of the Ribat of Monastir - the most prominent monument of the city and the oldest built by the Arab conquerors during the Muslim conquest. A fine example of Islamic military architecture, it is immaculately preserved with labyrinth-like passageways and staircases, and overlooks the Mediterranean sea. We'll hit the road to Hammamet for a tour of the Medina, built in front of the sea with magnificent views of the rooftops. You'll be able to see El kasbah, built on a fort dating back to the 12th century. You'll have free time for lunch at Yasmine Hammamet (New Hammamet) and a stroll through the port of Hammamet, before being taken to your hotel for dinner and overnight stay in Hammamet.

Day 11

Nabeul - Kerkouane - El Haoria

After your breakfast in Hammamet, we'll drive to Nabeul, the city of crafts, also called "Neapolis" in Antiquity (which literally means "new city" in Greek). You'll explore the Medina, a historic district filled with winding streets, colorful shops, and bustling markets. This city is well known for its pottery, manufacturing of plates decorated with paint, and faience, the benefits of crafts that are passed down through generations. Next stop is Kerkouane, an ancient Punic city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kerkouane was a quaint coastal town, home to skilled craftsmen and fishermen who specialized in the production of purple dye, salt, and fish sauce. We'll transfer you to Haouaria for panoramic sightseeing of the Roman Caves “Les Grottes”, located at the tip of the peninsula. You'll enjoy a tasty lunch and return to Tunis for dinner and an overnight accommodation.

Day 12

Tunis - Carthage - Sidi Bou Said

We'll pick you up after breakfast from your hotel and head over to the bustling Medina of Tunis - a UNESCO World Heritage where you can immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of this historic marketplace. You'll find everything from spices and textiles to handmade crafts and souvenirs. You'll enjoy lunch at a restaurant in the vibrant Medina. After lunch we'll drive to The National Bardo Museum, a true jewel of Tunisian heritage, located in a 19th century palace and showcasing the largest collection of mosaics in the world. We'll continue to Carthage archaeological site, which is home to ancient baths and an amphitheater, where you can explore the once thriving Byrsa Acropolis. We'll take you to the romantic Sidi Bou Said, considered the most beautiful town in Tunisia. It's known for its blue and white buildings, flowers and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. You'll have a pleasant walk through the narrow streets, admire the traditional architecture, and enjoy the local cuisine and hospitality before returning to your hotel in Tunis.

Day 13

Thuburbo Majus via Roman Aqueduct - Zaghouan

You last day starts with a  trip in Carthage at the biggest excavated Water Cisterns in the world, it will follow the water itinerary via The Aqueduct, pass by Tuburbo Majus, an ancinet large Roman site to reach the Temple of Water at the Mount of Zaghouan. Tracing the world's longest Aqueduct, you'll explore the unbelievable architectural genuine of the Romans and the work required to connect Carthage with a mineral water source located 80 km from the city that guarantees a regular flow of water for 300 000 inhabitants. You'll have lunch and a chance to do a Kaak pastry tasting, traditional bite-size pastries often served at special occasions. They’re slightly crunchy on the outside, and soft and buttery in the middle with a sweet almond flavor, and an aromatic hint of rose water.The story goes that when Andalusians were forced out of southern Spain in the 17th century, they baked their precious jewels in simple looking dough to hide them from thieves. As your journey in Tunisia comes to an end, we will take you back to Tunis. Take this time to reflect on the memories you have made during your stay and cherish them forever. 


  • Airport and hotel pickup and drop-off

  • Nightly accommodations

  • Transportation by air-conditioned vehicle

  • Licensed guide and driver

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (depending on hotel class)

  • Carriage ride

  • All admission fees to historical sights

  • All taxes

   Not Included

  • Optional camel / quad ride

  • Tips

  • Additional beverages

  • Sunscreen

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